Biogen Medical Research

Multiple Sclerosis

Scientific Objectives

General Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

The following area of research is currently being considered with a focus on Multiple Sclerosis:

  • MS and its treatment in special populations, i.e. geriatric or pediatric patients, family planning, LGBTQ+ patients, underrepresented populations

MS Therapies

Biogen MS therapies include the following products:

  • Disease Modifying Therapies
    Dimethyl fumarate
    Diroximel fumarate
    SC and IM Peginterferon beta-1a
    IM Interferon beta-1a
  • Symptomatic Therapies
    Prolonged-release fampridine (ex-USA)

The following areas of research are currently being considered with a focus on:

Dimethyl Fumarate
  • Studies deciphering the neuroprotective potential of dimethyl fumarate 
  • Studies deciphering how dimethyl fumarate may cause lymphopenia
Diroximel Fumarate
  • Comparative effectiveness as assessed by PROs, quality of life, workability, treatment satisfaction and/or adherence vs newer DMTs in the treatment of naïve and/or switch patients
  • Studies deciphering how diroximel fumarate may cause lymphopenia
  • Examination of long-term outcomes
Peginterferon beta-1a and Interferon beta-1a
  • Real world effectiveness, safety and tolerability vs. other platform MS therapies
General MS Therapies
  • Real world comparative effectiveness, switching and sequencing strategies, and adherence to therapies

Out of scope

The following areas of research are not currently being considered for funding:

  • Biomarker studies to identify specific responder populations among patients treated with MS therapies
  • Studies on MS therapy MoA

Please note that new study proposals originating in Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Colombia, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Japan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Mexico, Montenegro, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Oman, Qatar, Romania, Serbia, United Arab Emirates, and Uruguay are currently not eligible for funding.  Investigators from Israel and Greece or Cyprus may reach out to our Partners (Medison and Genesis, respectively) with inquiries for funding.  

Research support is awarded on a highly competitive basis, and submission of research proposals in these areas of interest does not guarantee support will be awarded. 

We continuously strive to improve our submission process and provide necessary guidance to investigators.