Welcome to Biogen’s Department of Medical Research

We believe in improving the quality of patient care by supporting medical research that advances scientific knowledge of disorders relevant to our therapeutic portfolio and products.

Concept submission

The Global Medical Life Cycle Management Forum has moved to rolling submission. Review meetings are held on a monthly basis.

Our scientific objectives

At Biogen, we continuously engage with external researchers in an effort to maintain our scientific leadership in a number of therapeutic areas. Select from the categories below to review Biogen’s established areas of research interest and therapeutic areas being considered for support.

Submit your research proposal today

Study proposals are submitted to Biogen through our online submission portal for review. Our review process and considerations for your proposal are outlined below.

Study criteria
Biogen supports research in a number of therapeutic areas. A complete study proposal must be submitted to Biogen online for review by our cross-functional committee. It should contain a well thought out study rationale, clear primary objective with supportive endpoints, cohesive study design, statistical analysis plan and sample size calculation, and study and publication timelines.
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Support requested
Biogen supports research in a variety of ways. This can include, but is not limited to, financial support, supplying study drug, medical writing, data management, and/or statistical support. A detailed request should be provided at the time of submission. For financial support, an itemized budget on Biogen’s template must be provided with the proposal.
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Review process
Biogen awards research support on a highly competitive basis. All proposals are reviewed by a cross-functional Review Committee, which includes medical directors, drug safety, scientists, biostatisticians, and experts in health outcomes and pharmacoeconomics. The review cycle depends on the proposal type.
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Once a study is approved, Biogen’s legal department will draft an agreement between the institution and Biogen. When the final contract is executed, the investigator may begin the study.
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Biogen will require investigators to regularly update the online system with progress of their study. Additionally, Biogen encourages investigators to publish their research for the benefit of the scientific community. Publication of data must comply with applicable registration and publication requirements recommended by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).
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