• Study criteria
  • Support requested
    • A complete study concept is necessary for the Review Committee to correctly assess a proposal. This includes not only the scientific and medical aspect, but also the request made to Biogen for support.

      This can include, but is not limited to, financial support, supplying study drug, medical writing, data management, and/or statistical support. Once your support request and budget are drafted, they must be uploaded into the online portal for review by the committee. No proposal will be reviewed without a clear outline of the support required.

      For clinical studies, Biogen will only fund reasonable and customary services rendered (e.g. EDSS, MRI, Statistical Analysis, Publication Fees, Laboratory Tests, etc.) that are Non-Standard of Care.  Personnel costs must be expressed as an hourly rate per function. Biogen will provide only limited coverage of travel costs and will not support capital equipment requests.

  • Review process
  • Contracting
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