• Study criteria
  • Support requested
  • Review process
    • Submission Deadlines

      IIT proposals are accepted and reviewed on a quarterly basis, as outlined below. Requests should be submitted prior to the submission deadline related to when a decision is needed.

      2020 IIT quarterly submission periods and decision communication dates:

      Submission Deadline Decisions Communicated By:
      February 15 March 30
      May 15 June 30
      August 15 September 30
      November 1 January 5, 2021

      Please proceed to the Medical Affairs Research System (MARS), Biogen's online study submission portal to submit your proposal. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with the Biogen local medical contact in your country/region, please email us at MedicalResearch@biogen.com.

      Please note that a complete project description is necessary to ensure that the reviewers are able to assess the proposal; incomplete project descriptions could delay a decision unnecessarily. Study objectives must be clearly stated and a brief rationale provided. Clear methods to achieve the study objectives, justification for sample sizes when appropriate, analysis plans, and timelines must also be provided.

      Study Evaluation

      Biogen will review each submitted proposal according to the evaluation criteria described below.

      • Consistency with Biogen’s research objectives and published areas of interests
      • Scientific rigor
        • Clear objectives and/or hypotheses
        • Specific and appropriate endpoints
        • Clear data sources
        • Appropriate and clear analytical methods
        • Clear study design
        • Appropriate patient populations
        • Patient safety and privacy plans in place
      • Likelihood of achieving objectives
        • Enrollment schedule and methodology is feasible
        • Appropriate study duration
        • Sponsor-Investigator capable of executing the study and achieving the objectives
      • Impact of Results
        • If the study objectives are met, the results will be important
        • If the study objectives are met, the results will be publishable in a peer-reviewed journal
        • The study addresses an unmet patient need or important scientific question

  • Contracting
  • Study conduct
  • Publications