• Study criteria
  • Support requested
  • Review process
    • The Biogen Review Committee will scientifically review each submitted proposal according to the following evaluation criteria:

      • The proposed research is legitimate and scientifically rigorous:
        • The validity of the scientific objective, ensuring that any data generated addresses an unmet medical need or data gap and provide valuable information to the scientific, healthcare, and/or payer community
        • The robustness of the proposal, its ethical, scientific, and medical merit and the rigor of its design elements
        • A commitment by the investigator and sponsor to conduct the study in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, in an appropriate, transparent, and timely manner
      • The proposed research is aligned with Biogen’s research objectives and established areas of interest.
      • Requested support is justified and reasonable, and budget is commensurate with fair market value

      Study proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis. All study proposals are represented to the Biogen Review Committee by appropriate local medical and/or scientific personnel. Therefore, it is highly recommended that prior to submitting a study proposal, investigators reach out to their local Biogen medical contact to address any questions and to ensure the proposal and associated budget are complete and compliant. 

      Please proceed to VisionTracker, Biogen's online study submission portal.  If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with the Biogen local medical contact in your country/region, please email us at LCMF@biogen.com.

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