• General multiple sclerosis (MS)
    • The areas of research currently being considered to support studies related to multiple sclerosis disease
      state can be found below.

      In scope:

      Studies evaluating:

      1. The importance of diagnosing and treating MS early
      2. The importance of diligent monitoring of patients
        • Validate monitoring schemes and risk mitigation regiments
        • Prognostic factors of disease course e.g. markers of disease severity such as fluid biomarkers as well as imaging markers
        • Managing MS-associated symptoms especially on cognitive dysfunction
        • New or improved outcome measures in multiple sclerosis, incl. next generation technology and patient assessment technologies
      3. Multiple disease-modifying therapies incl. switching and sequencing strategies
      4. MS and its treatment in special populations, i.e. geriatric or pediatric patients, underrepresented minorities
      5. The pathogenesis of MS

      Out of scope:

      1. Country level studies confirming established results
      2. Single site studies where larger data sets can be obtained from other sources (registries/MS Paths)

      Although these definitions are set for Franchise they may also apply to a specific brand.

      Of note: Study designs for research objectives that have been well-researched in the past need to be powered to derive statistically meaningful conclusions and provide new scientific observations.

      Research support is awarded on a highly competitive basis, and submission of research proposals in these areas of interest does not guarantee that support will be awarded.

  • MS - Dimethyl fumarate
  • MS - Natalizumab
  • MS - Peginterferon beta-1a
  • MS - Prolonged-release fampridine