• General multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • MS - Dimethyl fumarate
  • MS - Natalizumab
  • MS - Daclizumab
    • The following areas of research are currently being considered to support studies related to daclizumab in multiple sclerosis.


      • Studies on sequencing or transitioning from other MS therapies
      • Innovative/alternative clinical/MRI/combined measures of disease activity (e.g. brain atrophy, MTR, cognition)
      • Studies assessing effectiveness in early treatment and in special populations (e.g. high active disease, ethnicities)

      Mechanism of Action (MoA)

      • Studies aimed at understanding the role of IL-2 in the pathophysiology of MS
      • Studies to further characterize the MoA of daclizumab


      • Studies to further characterize cutaneous events and identifying management strategies
      • Evaluation of long-term safety profile (GI, liver, lymphadenopathy, etc.)

      Patient-Related Outcomes (PRO)

      • Further assessment of daclizumab on key QoL endpoints (such as fatigue, depression and broader psychiatric implications, gait and spasticity)
      • PRO related research including transition/sequencing
      • Studies on adherence and the impact of the dosing regimen on key aspects (i.e. effectiveness)

      Research support is awarded on a highly competitive basis, and submission of research proposals in these areas of interest does not guarantee that support will be awarded.

  • MS - Peginterferon beta-1a
  • MS - Prolonged-release fampridine